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Mission:   Creating healthy living through healthy homes.

Vision:   Provide you with a synergy of sustainable building practices which will impact positively the future of our environment and the health of those who will inhabit it.

Our Goal:  To provide product information and choices for current home owners and future home owners on healthy and sustainable building practices to support the current health and future health of this earth and the people who inhabit it. 

Your home and its impact on your health is our top priority!  We have knowledge and expertise in the following areas:

  1. To create healthy homes through the use products that are as free of harmful chemicals as is presently possible and reasonably attainable. 
  2. To use sustainable building practices. 
  3. To maximize good indoor air quality by reducing the use of volatile organic compounds.
  4. To minimize the impact of electric, magnetic, and radio frequencies(EMFs) on our health. 
  5. To promote the importance of environmentally conscious living this includes use of renewable energy resources and energy efficient building practices. 
  6. To advocate for and share information on straw bale building practices in place of standard insulation practices.
  7. To encourage the use of solar power (passive and active).
  8. To encourage the use of high efficiency windows and the use of sky lights for natural lighting purposes. 
  9. To encourage the use of living roofs for their aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency.
  10. To encourage water conservation and waste reduction through the use of gray water systems.  

Beyond Green Building is a
healthy home service company.


Recycled Barn Timbers & Faswall Block (left) Steel Roof and Living Roof.
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