Beyond Green Building
Creating Healthy Living Through Healthy Homes

About Us

Beyond Green Building is based out of Hudson, WI.  My family and I have been on a journey of healthy living while searching for the perfect location to build our dream home.   Those paths arrived at a crossroads in 2010.  As we learned about how exposure to electromagnetic fields in our home could be contributing to our poor quality of sleep, it became clear that our vision of our new home was to be a healthy space to support healthy living.   The principles of Building Biology soon become the premise from which our new home was to be constructed.  Building Biology is the study of how buildings impact our life.  The study is two fold with the first focus being the study of how building materials and construction methods impact our health and second the ecological impact of buildings on our environment.  We are excited to share that our healthy home is a work in progress! Our building goal is to build an environmentally conscious space including renewable energy resources and sustainable building practices along with using products that minimize exposure to toxins and EMF's.  It is our hope that our established goal will construct a synergy of all the sustainable practices implemented which will impact positively the future of our environment and the health of those who will inhabit it.  We also hope that our healthy home inspires you to start your journey of healthy living!


Our Home

Our Healthy Home has incorporated the following aspects to support healthy living.  There are many healthy options, products, and strategies that can be incorporated into your building/remodeling project.  Here are examples that we have incorporated into our home keeping in mind our own health and the health of our environment.

Foundation Block used in our home is an alternative to the traditional cement block or ICF form used in a poured foundation.  The block used in this project is a natural based product made of 85% wood and cement with an R21 rating for insulation.  In contrast a traditional foundation such as ICF is a petroleum or synthetic based product.   

Insulation used in our ceiling is a dense-pack cellulose (recycled newspaper).  Our exterior walls are insulated with strawbales.  Straw is a renewable, natural(non-synthetic) product that is locally available.  Strawbale homes provide a thick exterior wall which gives you breathability and energy efficiency.  The R rating is between R30-R50.

Magnesium Oxide (MgO) board is used as a replacement for Sheetrock (gypsum board).  MgO is not susceptible to mold or water damage.  It maintains it structural characteristics even after being submerged in water.  This is a good alternative for people with high sensitivities to mold.

Masonry Mass Heater is our primary heat source.  A Masonry Mass Heater is an efficient wood burning heat source.   The heat is stored in the "MASS" (stone and firebrick) that surrounds the firebox.  The "MASS" then provides heat for extended periods of time.

Some additional design elements:
- Consideration of the placement of electrical wiring and appliances for reduced EMF exposure.
- Consideration of product selection such as limiting PVC to support improved indoor air quality and environmental health.
- Consideration of house alignment & window placement to maximize solar heat gain. 
- Consideration of the roof angle for future solar panels.

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